Being in the Now

Most people spend most of their time thinking about the past or the future. I've been guilty of that, too. After reading Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now few months ago I have been recalibrating myself. Tolle writes that happiness can be found only when your whole attention is in the present moment, outside your head. He also writes about the pain-body that feeds off negative feelings, and if you're in the now, you don't have negative feelings. My goal is to be in the now most of the time.


Eee PC

I finally got my Asus Eee PC which I ordered from Germany because they haven't arrived yet to Nordic countries. It is just as good as I excepted. I played a bit with the default Xandros install but didn't like it, so I installed eeeXubuntu. Now I can install anything from Ubuntu repositories. I installed Emacs and NetHack and compiled MPlayer. System bootup is much slower with eeeXubuntu than with Xandros, possibly because Xandros uses finit. People have succesfully used finit with eeeXubuntu, so I might try it as well. Eee is by far the best laptop I've ever used.


NetHack ascension

After 3 years of playing NetHack I finally ascended yesterday \o/